About us

A Few Words About Us

Founded by Ravindra Singh in 1986, M/s Raj Construction was far and away the largest, most influential and profilic homebuilder throughout the country. This legendary team of homebuilders was always admired for their pioneering spirit, innovative designs and excellent craftmanship. They never went away, and now they have brought back their old, well respected name. No other local homebuilder, past or present has earned the reputation, or built the legacy, long term trust or respect that Raj Construction has.

Why Choose Us

We bring new designs and rejuvenated life to communities where locals appreciate great quality and service, a great place to live and a good deal.

Our Mission

We believe that a single idea can change the world. But great ideas only matter when they become real. That's why our mission is to "Replace your dream to reality"

What We Do

Driven from day one. For more than 30 years, we have designed and developed stunning urban homes in some of India's most beloved cities.

What makes RAJ Construction unique?

What makes RAJ Construction unique is our ability to help customers find their dream house. It is more than the sum of our experience and expertise - it is how we view the world, how we live and how we work. In fulfilling our mission, it is not just what we do that matters, it is what we believe.

Our History

Company Started 1987

Founded RAJ Constructions

1st Project 1988

High Court (PATNA)

Project Expansion 2005

Project Expansion in 15 States

Residential 2018

Residential luxurios Apartment

.... future

Much More to come